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Poor Training Endanger Lives

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The success of our training programs is measured by practical outcomes - What learners are expected to achieve and how they are expected to demonstrate that achievement.

For Bosbok Firearms and Training, answering the question "What did participants learn by taking this course?" is insufficient.  We also need to know "What can participants do now that they have this knowledge?".  It's an important distinction and one which produces meaningful and practical training for our clients.  It comes down to "POOR TRAINING ENDANGER LIVES"

Our Training

We use a five (5) step approach to deliver the right training for you or your employees.

Step 1:

Before enrolling to any of our firearm training programs, a pre-assessment needs to be done on the individual to ensure the correct course of action to be taken regarding correct unit standard(s)   

After you have completed our training course, you will need to be assessed against the Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria of the Unit Standard in order to be declared competent.

You will be required to complete two (2) theoretical examinations:

Step 2

Formative Assessment:  You will be required to complete an open book examination (self study) to be done in the comfort of your own home. 

Step 3

Summative Assessment:  In order to verify that the information you learned during this course and after completing your self study, you will be required to write a closed book examination.  This closed book examination will have a time limit of one (1) hour and must be completed in the classroom under supervision of an accredited Assessor, registered with PFTC (Professional Firearm Training Council).

Step 4

Practical Assessment:  At the end of the practical component of your training course, you will be required to perform various practical skills / tasks.  

Step 5

The last skill / task that you will be required to perform is the Qualification Shoot.

Our Assessor(s) is there to assist you in meeting the practical assessment, so feel free to ask for assistance should you need it.  

If you are unsuccessful in meeting the requirements of the assessment, you will be given a second assessment, FREE OF CHARGE.  The only cost that you will be liable for will be the cost of consumables (ammunition, targets, etc.)

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Downloadable SAPS documents:

SAPS Firearm Competency

SAPS Further Competency

SAPS Competency Renewal

SAPS Change of Address

SAPS Firearm License

SAPS Renewal of Firearm License

SAPS Expulsion of Record